Vendor Map



HetDolhaus – Sells plushes, embroidered bags, and embroidered pins and patches from all flavors of fandom!

Wyrd Armouries – Sells handmade costume accessories and prop weapons.

Magical Thrift – Sells new and used comic and geek collectibles, action figures, toys, anime items, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Disney and vintage collectible.

Fleur DeLuna – Sells jewelry and accessories – geeky cosplay fandom steampunk.

Wynter Art – Sells paintings, drawing, general art stuff like comic books, anime, video games, and general sci-fi done in fine art styles.

Shadow Revolutions – Sells manga, some trading card games (Pokemon, Magic The Gathering, and Yu-Gi-Oh) Geek themed jewelry, and more.

Nerd Elysium – Sells vintage and contemporary anime and video game merchandise.

Wrapped Temptations – Sells sterling silver wrapped jewelry and ear cuffs.

Tate Collectibles – Sells comics and collectibles.

8bit Oasis Gaming – Retro video games, hobby shop, tabletop games, trading card games, video game repair, video game merchandise

Elise’s Pieces – Sells handsewn hot packs and fandom-inspired plush.

Medi’s Magic Art – Sells fan Art, original art, & at-Table Commissions.

Kismet’s Web – Sells comic and nerd-oriented jewelry and accessories.

Corvus Creations – Sells Steampunk, Neo-Victorian, and Pagan jewelry and sundries.

Bea’s Spooky Stand – Sells stickers, pins, and prints from our Bea Munoz our guest of honor.

Dragon’s Hoard – A gaming store from Staunton that sells a great collection of books, models, games, and cards.

Gold Star Anime & Games – Sells anime collectible figures, plushes, bags, art books, wall scrolls, T-shirts, cosplay costumes and accessories such as necklace, key chains, cellphone straps & cases, pins, flags, fleece/caps, TCG (Weiss Schwarz,Yugioh, MTG, Pokemon) & many Board Games.

Jeneko In Japan – Sells Japanese retro games, anime merchandise, and traditional Japanese goods.

Beloved Doll Designs – Sells Perler beads, buttons, prints, sketches, keychains, crochet pony plushes, and necklaces.

Wile E’s Tea and Tarot – Pay what you will tarot and art.