LARP Information

The Madicon 27 LARP will be Saturday from 4:00-8:00 PM in the Highlands Room

A Wolf By Any Other Name LARP 

Short Description: Detention at magic school — ugh! To make things worse, the full moon is about to rise, and you have the sinking suspicion that someone in detention will turn into a werewolf. What can you do?

Long Description: You’re a student at New World Magischola, North America’s premier college of wizardry, and stuck in detention on the night of a full moon. You’re sure some of your fellow students are secret lycans, and that doesn’t bode well for everyone stuck in the room. If a lycan can obtain a successful Romulus potion before moonrise, they can resist their transformation. But the ingredients are scattered and expensive, some expired or fraudulent. It’s a race against the moon to save yourself and your friends from the danger and contagion of lycanthropy. Lycans not only can harm others and themselves, they can also be … gasp! … expelled! Pre-generated characters are selected at the event. We’ll teach you to play. Ideal for beginners as there is no complicated system to learn.