Madicon 27 Guests


Professional Cosplayer, Model

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Madicon 27’s first Guest of Honor is professional cosplayer and model, RheaSylvia! RheaSylvia has been a cosplay guest at other conventions including GEXCon and will be a Guest Judge for the Costume Contest. She will also be running cosplay panels and events that are both informative and fun!

For more information on RheaSylvia, check out her Facebook and instagram:




Creator and Host of Anansi Storytime, The Fairytale Audio Drama


Madicon 27’s second Guest of Honor is the Host and Creator of the popular Fairy Tale Audio Drama, Anansi Storytime, Scooter! Both Scooter and some of the crew plan to discuss Anansi Storytime and various aspects of audio drama production and voice acting.

For more on Anansi Storytime please visit their official webpage and Facebook!

And of course, give the audio drama a listen!