Geek Auction

Saturday Evening, we hold a time-honored Madicon tradition:  the Geek Auction. The Geek Auction allows one to bid on geeks who have put themselves forward as potential ‘companions’ or dates for convention events later in the evening. Bid for your friends, bid on strangers, even bid on your enemies! (It’s all in good fun though!).

Sign-ups for being in the Geek Auction are available at the Front Desk until shortly before the Auction occurs. We encourage everyone to attend the Geek Auction and watch or bid, but only geeks 18 or older may enter themselves to be bid upon in the auction itself. We also encourage those in the auction to dress up if they so choose! Have fun everyone and do it for the birds!

All proceeds from the auction go to the Wildlife Center of Virginia. Payment will be collected immediately after the conclusion of the Geek Auction (cash or card).