Costume Contest

Below were the rules for last year’s Madicon. Rules are subject to change for Madicon 25.

Rev up your sewing machines and hunt for your fabric! The Costume Contest judging will take place during Saturday, at 2:00pm, and the fashion show will occur at 7pm in the Stage area, and will include the announcement of the winners.


Costume Contest Judging and Rules
During the Costume Contest judging, contestants will be given a photo shoot with their costumes and asked questions by our select judges. Sign-ups for the Costume Contest will be at the registration area Friday during normal convention hours and the morning hours before the judging.

1. The Costume contest is open to all ages and skill levels.

2. All contestants must be an attendee of Madicon and human. All contestants must be registered by the time of judging.

3. If by some instance  you have signed up for a slot and have not registered by the time of judging, your slot will be dropped.

4. A total of 25 slots will be available for judging. The slots will be first-come, first-serve.

5. Only one costume per individual contestant may be entered. Groups will be judged as an entire group. An individual cannot be judged as both in a group and as an individual.

6. Please no real weapons as “props.” Be warned that even some fake weapons we may ask you not to bring into the convention because they’re easily mistaken as real weapons. So if possible avoid including weapons in your costume to begin with.

7. Pictures will be taken during the judging for both the judging process and the benefit of the contestants. Pictures will be available online for contestants after the convention is over under the consent of the participants judged.

8. Due to the nature of Madicon’s themes being science fiction, fantasy, and gaming, please only have costumes related to one or all of these themes (i.e. no rave outfits) (anime falls into allowable genres). You can still participate for the fashion show, but will not be eligible for the costume contest.

9. If your costume was handmade, please be able to describe the process of its creation.

10. The costume contest judging will be open only to contestants, staff, judges, parents (of minors) and children (whose parents are participating).

11. In order to receive a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place slot from the Costume Contest, participants must attend the fashion show.

12. Have fun!

Fashion Show Rules
1. A signup sheet will be at the registration area Friday and Saturday up until an hour before the show.

2. All participants are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner in accordance with the guidelines of James Madison University.

3. Participants need to be gathered at [location to be determined by March 1] at least fifteen minutes before the fashion show.

4. All those in costume can participate in the fashion show.