Art & Charity Auction Registration

If you are interested in entering your art pieces into the Madicon 27 Art Auction or Madicon 27 Charity Auction, please contact the convention at:

From this email you will be given information including shipping address for art, rules, limitations regarding space, and bid sheets.

Art is displayed on a limited space. Due date for submissions is TBD.

There are no hanging fees; however, Madicon takes a 10% commission on any art that is sold in the regular Auction. The final bid for Charity auctions pieces goes in it’s entirety to the Wildlife Center of Virginia. Artists are responsible for all postage required to send their art to and from Madicon. Unsold art and payment will be sent out no later than 6 weeks after the convention. Within a few days of the convention artists will receive email confirmation on the status of their art.

When specifying a starting bid and Auto Buy price please be conscious that the crowd that gathers at Madicon is not particularly wealthy as a large number of attendees are local college students. To this affect we recommend keeping your starting bid at or below $20 for large pieces, $10 for medium pieces, and $5 for small pieces. Auto Buy prices is the price at which someone can outright purchase your piece circumventing the bidding process, and is completely up to the artist discretion on how high it should be.