Update 9/2/2018: Hello everyone, SFFG Webmaster here, Madicon is going to have a new website for Madicon 28 coming soon. Progress will be posted here upon further updates!

Update 3/3/2018: The Schedule and Map for Madicon 27 are now live! Go give em a look! There is a PDF downloadable version of the schedule available as well.


Update 3/2/2018: Due to the winter storm causing an unforeseen power outage, I was a little worried that I might not get to post this, but the power is back on and we’re good to go!

Madicon is one week from today! Hard to believe its coming so soon, but get hype!

Expect to see a lot of updates over the coming days, starting with the finalized schedule.

Due to the power outage things are taking a bit longer to post. I’m going to go over the schedule, clean it up visually, and hopefully get it up later tonight or early tomorrow.

Thanks everyone for your patience and excitement for Madicon!


Update 2/17/2018: As a reminder the Event and Vendor Registration deadline is Monday, February 19. if you are interested in being a vendor or running a panel these must be submitted by Monday.

Update 1/19/2018:

The Registration form for the Art and Charity Auction is now live! Please use this form if you would like to send in your art (prints, original pieces, etc) to be showcased in Madicon’s Art Auction. The Form/Mail-In Deadlines will be posted at a later date!

Madicon does take a 10% commission on all pieces in the Art Auction, but there are no hanging fees!

All proceeds from the Charity Auction will be donated to our charity, the Wildlife Center of Virginia.

Please visit the Art & Charity Auction Registration tab for more information.


Update 1/12/18:

Hello all,

Hopefully everyone had a lovely holiday season, and to JMU students, faculty, and staff— welcome back!

First, a bit of business. As conchair I do my best to keep updated on happenings in the Facebook group, but unfortunately last semester proved a bit more than I could juggle—but fear not! Things are still steadily progressing with Madicon behind the scenes, and I plan on making regular announcements as we near Madicon.

As always, the best means of reaching me if you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc is to email contact.madicon@gmail.com

And a reminder: You can purchase tickets for Madicon, register as a Vendor, and submit a panel or event at Madicon.org!

And now, the first of what will be many upcoming announcements!

Madicon 27 is proud to welcome Garrison Tyranus of the 501st Stormtrooper Legion to join us for another fantastic year! The Garrison will set up their annual outpost in the Allegheny Room of the Festival Center for the duration of Madicon, and welcomes all attendees to join them for watching fan films, panels, and all manners of Star Wars-related fun! Garrison Tyranus has been a long-time friend of Madicon, personally, I couldn’t imagine a Madicon without them!

Stay tuned here and to madicon.org for more information on guests, panels, and events as they become available, and in the meantime feel free to visit http://www.garrisontyranus.com for more information about the Garrison.


Update 10/01:

Exciting news! Preregistration, Vendor Registration, and Event Registration for Madicon 27 are now open!

To Preregister for Madicon 27 visit the JMU Science-Fiction/Fantasy Guild online shop here.

To register as a vendor for Madicon 27, please fill out the form located here, and purchase your tables via the vendor registration option on the JMU Science-Fiction/Fantasy Guild online shop here.

If you would like to run an Event at Madicon 27, please fill out the form located here.

All forms and registration options will be open until further notice.

Update 9/24:

Hello all,

As you can see, the Madicon 27 website is still under construction, but in the meantime–

I figured to start things off with Madicon 27, it would be appropriate to talk a little bit about myself, and my connection to Madicon.

I am a Shenandoah Valley native. I attended JMU for a BA in both History and Studio Art, and am in the process of earning an MA in Public History. My thesis is on the development of modern fandom through early Star Trek fanzines. I also work with the JMU Office of Admissions.

My relationship with Madicon began in 2006 with Madicon 15, which was the first convention I ever attended. I’ve been a Madicon attendee ever since.

In 2012 I was the conchair of Madicon 21. At the time I was an undergrad, and eager to give back to the convention I had attended for so many years.

Now as a 2nd year Graduate student I’m honored to be able to serve again as the Conchair of Madicon 27.

I have a lot of things planned and I’m very excited to share them with everyone!
I’ll be updating the Madicon website and Facebook page as my schedule allows, so stay tuned for updates on registration, vending registration, event forms, and of course– our Events and Guests!

If you have any questions/comments/suggestions/etc please contact the con at

contact.madicon@gmail.com or on the Facebook page.