Two LARPs on the schedule

Madicon 23 will be hosting two LARPs in addition to COMARR’s LARP demo this year. More information regarding times and locations will be available soon.

Please note that the Fairytale LARP is for folks ages 18+ only!


LARP #1- Funeral LARP

(New York, NY) – Thomas Finnegan, aka The Immortal, died today at the age
of 91.Best known for leading the Transhuman Corps in response to the Axis Powers Ṻbermensch Project, and directly leading to the collapse of the
German resistance in 1946. A memorial service will be held
for Mr. Finnegan on Saturday on The Steel Palace high orbital station. All those transhumans in current good standing with the Registration Board are invited to attend.

(This LARP will be an alternate modern setting, with heavy influences of superhero and weird war pasts. If you want to grab a character ahead of
time email with Funeral LARP Request in the
subject line.)


LARP #2 – Fairytale LARP

Please note that this LARP is for ages 18+ only!

Hear ye all! At long last our beloved king and queen have borne a child, an
heir for our kingdom, to continue the blessed days of prosperity their
family has brought to us. All who dwell within these lands and hear these
words are requested and required to pay homage to the newborn heir at the
event of her naming and presentation! Let all come swear their fealty and
give gifts of their blessings to the new heir!

(This LARP will be a high fantasy setting at the official Naming of the new royal heir, the sole child of the beloved king and queen. Wear your best [worst?] fantasy garb if you can, and expect a public, semi-mandatory party crossed with a religious service. If you want to grab a character ahead of
time email with Fairytale LARP Request in the subject line.)