Prelude Design rolls into Madicon for a third year with a special deal!

Madicon welcomes back Prelude Design and its custom made cosplay, dice jewelry, and accessories for the third year in a row!

This year, Christine Kim (Prelude Design’s resident lackey and studio-invader) will be at the booth selling custom-created crocheted katamari for this year’s attendees.

sample1 Yes, they roll. And yes, they will pick up small metallic objects. No, you probably shouldn’t plot world domination by trying to roll up any landmasses with it. Yet.

Although we promise we won't tell.
Although we promise we won’t tell.

The katamari will be sold for $30 (weaker, single magnets) or $40 (stronger, double magnets) a pop.

Anyone wishing to purchase a custom katamari can choose three colors for their special design.

Any custom ordered made before March 3rd will receive $5 off.

Please email for your custom design requests!