Chip Off the Old Block

As winter approaches [insert Game of Thrones reference here], I’d like to bring everyone to the times of the 1980s and early ’90s. Now, I was born in December of ’89, but I guess I still count. I remember still attempting to play Final Fantasy 1 on my dad’s NES. I didn’t get very far back then, but it was enjoyable. I even remember my mom going through Tetris as the only game she played up until the PS1. I tended to remember the sounds of those games to bring on those memories.

Ready your cartridges for our lineup of chiptune artists this year geared to bring out the best of your gaming memories!

Inverse PhaseBrendan
Brendan Becker AKA Mr. MAGfest is bring on his panels and workshops on making chiptunes. Recently he’s been known for remaking Nine Inch Nails’ Pretty Hate Machine album into Pretty Eight Machine.

Currently Brendan works as a freelance musician creating game music for mobile games.


Nikola WhallonNikola
We’re pretty far from good ol’ Michigan, but that’s not stopping this talented guy from coming down and giving us a performance you won’t believe.


Cartoon Bomb
Willelm the Cartoon Bomb, of Fredericksburg, has captured a cross-genre tapestry of chiptune and tracker music that he will transmit to you and yours at the next Madicon. Prepare.


Madicon is only a few months away! Are you just as excited as I am?

-Danita Hodges, Madicon 22 Conchair