Let’s Add a Lair for Flair

Unlike most conventions, Madicon is hosted in a conference center rather than a hotel. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t help you find a place to sleep during con closing hours!

This year, the Fairfield Inn & Suites has given us a reduced rate of $79/night (plus tax). Booking a room with this Marriott property includes free Internet, complimentary continental breakfast, mini fridge and other things that would make your sleepy times pleasant. The hotel is only a couple miles away from the JMU Festival Conference & Student Center.

Reserve your room here

If you plan on reserving a room, please do so before February 10, 2013. After that, we cannot guarantee the reduced rate or a spot in the Madicon block.

If you would like to reserve your room elsewhere, here are other hotels in the Harrisonburg area near the JMU Festival Conference & Student Center.(Scroll to the bottom)

– Danita Hodges, Madicon 22 Conchair