Camarilla at Madicon

A while back I announced the official Camarilla game for Madicon. Here is the final write-up for the event. Sounds exciting, mixing with all the mortals. The LARP will be Saturday night, with check-in starting at 7pm.

“Masquerade is the term vampires use to describe the hidden nature of their existence from mortal humans. The vampiric residents of the Shenandoah Valley strive to keep the Masquerade as any sane vampire would. But when something questionable threatens this breach, the residents find themselves attending a large gathering of mortals known as Madicon. Will the vampires blend in and circumvent disaster or will such heroics end up breaking the Masquerade instead?”

Vampire: The Requiem is being brought to you by the local chapter of the Camarilla, an international LARP organization that creates a global chronicle using White Wolf’s World of Darkness systems. Awesome pre-generated characters will be available for those not part of the Camarilla. (18+)