I know you’ve all been waiting… You’ve been patient… And now you are rewarded.

The teasers for the PST LARPs are finally here and I hope you’re all as excited as I am. It should be another exciting year of PST.

Friday Night:

“Voyage of the Damned”

Some secrets are best left undiscovered. However some secrets are best
left out of the hands of those that would use them for evil. On a voyage
across the sea, a package that must be kept out of the hands of those that
willing to kill for it must be protected. Agents hell bent on recovering
this package will stop at nothing to get it. Only those that know the true
power of this secret will be able to stop them and save humanity in the

Set in 1938, on board a luxury liner making its trans-Atlantic run from
England to America. Costumes are Encouraged. A MadiCon Exclusive!

Saturday Night:

“Rapture Under The Stars”

So far, the 1985 Armitage Senior High Homecoming celebration has been one for the history books. On Thursday night the bonfire pep rally was ended early when a meteor hit nearby, killing a local farmer. Then last night at the big game, the star quarterback turned into a hairy monster right there on the field and was last seen fleeing into the woods. Tonight’s the big dance and the students are buzzing with rumors of what might happen next. Some are calling it all a prank by the upperclassmen, but others think it may be leading up to something big. As the faculty strive to squelch the rumor mill and hold a nice, wholesome event, the students are ready for a night they won’t ever forget.