Guests of Honor

Gregory French

Gregory French is an actor currently residing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. After helping out a friend with a commercial, he sought his fortune in Hollywood. While commonly appearing as a walker in episodes of “The Walking Dead”, he also appears in “Under the Dome”, “We’re the Millers”, “Iron Man 3”, and “Parental Guidance”.


Phil Keeling a.k.a. “The Conquistadork” is an alternative comedian based out of Atlanta, GA. With the release of his first album, “Conquistadork”, Keeling has been making the rounds all over the country, including The Hollywood Improv, Pittsburgh Comic Con, and the Hilton Head Comedy Club.

Paul Harmon

Paul Harmon is a compulsive, habitual GM. He has been running games since about age nine, when he forced the neighborhood children to add HP/MP and miss percentages to their games of cops’n’robbers. A long term resident of Harrisonburg, and SFFG alumnus, Paul graduated from JMU in 2008. His chief contribution to society comes in the form of stories about the motley band of lunatics he games with, and his staggeringly bad luck.